Necklaces - gilded

A gilded necklace is always current. Fortunately, we have many of them here in Beadhouse. We have gilded necklaces in lengths between 40 and 60 cm. You will be able to find fine, delicate chains of gilded sterling silver but also more chunky necklaces of gilded steel, gilded brass, gilded zamak and gilded aluminum. Style your gilded necklace with other necklaces or upgrade it one of our delicious Pendant.

A gilded necklace is elegance

If you would like just one piece of jewelry that puts a line under your feminine elegance, then you can calmly go for a gilded necklace. Choose from different chain lengths, thicknesses and types as well as pendants, and stand back with a chain that tells a story about you, your personality and your taste. 

Look forward to bringing a gilded necklace home in the jewelry box. A piece of jewelry that gives a boost to your look every time you put it on. Find it here on the site or in our shop in Copenhagen.

You will also be able to find delicious necklaces of certified recycling silver with a gold paving of Fairtrade Gold here in our range of gilded necklaces.

We often get some of the same questions about necklaces, so we've collected a few of our answers right here.

How long is a regular necklace?

Necklaces are too different for you to talk about just one standard length, but anything between 40 and 60 cm is quite common lengths, and the most used is 45 and 50 cm. You can both Get shorter and longer necklaces. If you have any doubts about what length you would like, you can try in front of the mirror with a string or similar that you adapt to the different lengths you are considering.

How long should the necklace be?

The length of a necklace is above all definitely by your taste. With a short necklace you get a minimalist and more tight look, whereas with one or more long chains you get a bohemelook. Often, the long chains will add up to more fluttering pendants and motifs, whereas the short chains will fit well with more delicate pendants. With 45 cm you have a necklace that typically hangs at your collarbone.