DIY feather pendants of small glass beads

Make your own nice feather pendants for necklace or earrings. One of them in each ear and then you're ready for partying! Create your very own personal expression by choosing from our many Preciosa seed beads In size 8/0. If you want to make the feathers less you can try with Preciosa pearls in size 10/0.

When you get really good, you might be able to make something á la the jewelry on the model here. But the feathers also work really well alone.



If you are missing ear hooks, creoles, locks or wedging to finish your pearl work we have a wide selection right here.

We recommend that you use Miyuki pearl thread and pearl needles. If you don't have it in advance it can be purchased here.

You don't have to be specially practiced to make this recipe. The technique is relatively simple, although it looks like a lot.

Be aware that some of the steps in the recipe are more pictures. Scroll by pulling the left with the mouse.

Enjoy! We hope you make some nice, cool and colorful feathers of glass beads.

Here is the recipe for the great feather pendants

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