Rings - Sterling silver

Do you dream of getting a new and beautiful silver ring? You can see our large selection of rings in sterling silver here on the site, and as you can see, there is a wealth of amazing motifs that give life to the silver. We have more than 150 models to choose from, so there is not just something for you in our selection. 

How to measure your ring size?

When you want to buy a finger ring, it can be difficult to know what size to use. Fortunately, you can measure your ring size at home with the two methods described here.

The first method is good when shopping for yourself, but is unsure of which ring size you use.

The other method can both Used for one's self, but also if you want to buy a finger ring as a gift for another.

 A ring of silver is a piece of jewelry that you can use every single day, giving your hands a small, elegant lift. Check out our range of silver rings and find your favorites.

Pay attention to this when you need to measure your ring size:

Ring size can vary from right to left hand as we have slightly more muscles in the hand we use most.

Heat and cold can also affect which ring size you use, so be sure to measure your ring size when you have neither very hot nor very cold hands.

Pregnants often have slightly swollen fingers, although not necessarily noticed.

A very narrow and/or rounded ring rail may require you to go down a ring size.

A wide and straight ring rail may require you to have a ring size up.

Ring sizes are typically between 49 and 65 millimeters for adults.


Method 1 - Target the finger

You will need a thin strip of paper or a piece of gift ribbon, an ink and a ruler.

The paper strip is wrapped around the knee of the finger you would like the ring on. Do not tighten the strip unnecessarily, but which you imagine the ring should feel when it has to go over your knot. Mark with the ink where the strip crosses itself. Measure the piece with a ruler. The number of millimeter strip measures corresponds to a ring size. For example, if the strip measures 54 millimeters, the ring size of the finger is size 54. Do the experiment a few times, to be absolutely sure you have measured correctly.


Method 2 - Measure a Ring

Measure the inner diameter in a ring. A ruler can be used, but it will be more accurate with a slider if you have one. Once you have found the target of the interior diameter of millimeters, you can find out which ring size it equals.


  •  Ø14.96 mm - Size 47 
  •  Ø15.28 mm - Size 48
  •  Ø15.60 mm - Size 49 
  •  Ø15.92 mm - size 50 
  •  Ø16.23 mm - Size 51 
  •  Ø16.55 mm - Size 52 
  •  Ø16.87 mm - Size 53 
  •  Ø17.19 mm - Size 54 
  •  Ø17.51 ​​mm - size 55 
  •  Ø17.83 mm - Size 56 
  •  Ø18.14 MM - SIZE 57 
  •  Ø18.46 mm - Size 58 
  •  Ø18.78 mm - size 59 -
  •  Ø19.10 MM - SIZE 60 
  •  Ø19.42 mm - Size 61 
  •  Ø19.74 mm - Size 62 
  •  Ø20.05 mm - Size 63 
  •  Ø20.37 mm - Size 64 
  •  Ø20.69 mm - Size 65 
  •  Ø21.01 mm - Size 66 
  •  Ø21.33 mm - Size 67 
  •  Ø21.65 mm - Size 68 
  •  Ø21.96 mm - Size 69 
  •  Ø22.28 mm - size 70 

A timeless ring of silver

You can find the motifs and ideas of the world depicted in our silver rings, so you can probably find just the ring that suits your taste if you take the time and see the options. Look forward to discovering the silver rings (s) that match your personal style. Buy your new silver ring here in the webshop, or in our store in Vendersgade in Copenhagen K. 

A ring of silver is a piece of jewelry that you can use every single day, giving your hands a small, elegant lift. Check out our range of silver rings and find your favorites.

With Beadhouse we carry a wide range of beautiful jewelry of sterling silver at very reasonable prices. Sterling silver One of the most used precious metals for jewelry due to its durable properties. We can therefore always recommend you jewelry in sterling silver as they last for many years and retain their brilliance. We also have a huge selection of rings in multiple forms and materialR.

How tight or loose should the ring sit?

Your ring should be so comfortable that it does not fall off and you also do not feel that it is falling off all the time. However, your ring should also be removed without having to resort to soap or oil. Therefore, the ring size is important to get in place. Be aware that the fingers typically raise when they get hot.