DIY fine summer berries earrings

Make your own earrings of preciosa rocailles glass beads. With a few pearls and remedies you can create a few great earrings for yourself or to give as a gift.

Once you understand the technique you can also expand and maybe make earrings with whole bunches of berries or a necklace with leaves and berries all around. Only the imagination sets limits. Don't be afraid to try your ideas off and if it goes a little wrong, the beads can fortunately be used again.

We do not sell the large gem used in the recipe, but you can replace it with all kinds of beads from 6-12 mm, depending on how big you think the berries should be.

If you are missing loose parts such as boxes, locks or ear hooks, you can find a good selection here.

We recommend that you use Miyuki's pearl thread and pearl needles for this work. Both are easy to work with. The thread is thin as sewing thread, but is made of nylon so it is more durable. You can find Miyuki's needles and thread here.

Alternatively, Fireline Fiskesnøre, which we so far only sell in our physical store in Vendersgade 9, can be used right at the Torvehallerne in Copenhagen.

This technique can be involved in anyone. Be aware that for each step in the recipe there are several good explanatory pictures, so you have to scroll in the pictures by clicking on the right side of them.


Really happy to make great jewelry with leaves and berries!

Here is the link to make the fine earrings.

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