DIY nice jewelry set with pearl sewing

With relatively few funds you can create a nice necklace and a matching bracelet yourself. Just follow the recipe in the link. 

We think you need to choose your very own color combination so you make the jewelry as personal as possible. Be aware that the pearls that keep the color the longest are all those called Natural Transparent and Natural Opaque. We have 116 different colors Preciosa seed beads in size 10/0, which is the size used in this recipe. If you are missing beads to make your own necklace you can find them here.


We recommend using our strong Miyuki nylon thread. It is thin as sewing thread and is supple and strong and easy to work with when sewing through the core cord.

Miyuki's needle set is also really good for this jewelry project. You can find needles and thread straight here

The level of this DIY jewelry project is easily practiced. It's not hard to make, but it's probably best if it's not the first time you have beads between your hands. It can be an advantage to have a bit of routine before throwing yourself into this.

If you, as a beginner, can't help but just do it! We believe in you! ;)

Please note that at each step in the recipe there are more pictures. You can scroll by dragging with the mouse to see the other images on the step.

We wish you really good pleasure with the creative work! 

Here is the link to the recipe



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