DIY wide bracelet with peyotestitch

Make this great bracelet with the Peyote Stitch technique. It only requires beads, needle and thread. You can decide how wide you want to make it and can make your very own color combinations. You can also fail to sew the larger beads on or sew even more, depending on what is best for you or the one to use it.

Peyote Stitch is one of the basic techniques of pearl sewing, so when you have learned it you can make really many different jewelry, including The great fringe earrings.


We recommend that you use a strong thread. It could be Miyuki pearl threadBut even better is Fireline that you can get in our physical store in Vendersgade 9, 1363 Kbh. K.

Good pearl needles for this work can be found on the same page as Miyuki pearl thread.

If you are missing small glass beads to make this bracelet we have a rich selection, 116 colors in size 10/0 right here.

If you have never worked with small glass beads and the Peyote Stitch technique, we recommend that you first do a small sample so that you can just catch the technique before embarking on this reasonably large pearl work.

Really good pleasure in making great bracelets of small glass beads!

Here is the recipe for the great pearl bracelet

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