A simple technique that you can make many different kinds of jewelry with is the 'eightyer'. A technique you use to make pendants occasionally to link stones with. So with this technique, you can both Low earrings, bracelets, necklaces and ankle chains.

You can make infinitely many different kinds of jewelry with this technique. Here in the video, the Lord from Beadalon shows how to do if you have a top drilled pearl. The technique can also be used only for pierced pearls and stones, but if you have to make pendants for necklaces and earrings, you can use advantageous Pearl sticks, as it is a small piece of jewelry wire with a plate or ball at the end that can stop the pearl.

If you are missing loose parts, also called Findings, to complete your jewelry we have both creoles, ear hooks, locks, chain extenders and many other loose parts. You can find them here.


This you need to use

  • 1 pointed flat pliers
  • 1 Bidtang
  • 1 round
  • 10 cm jewelry wire (sterling silver, doublé or gilded/silver -plated brass or copper)
  • 1 Top drilled stone or pearl (stone drilled across at one end)
  • 1 pierced stone or pearl

In the video, a bent tip plap is used. It is not necessary that you can easily use a regular tip flat pliers. If you are missing pliers to make jewelry with, we have a small selection of the three basic pliers: tongs, round tongs and pointed flat pliers, right here.



What can be done with this technique

  • Pendant for earrings
  • Pendant for necklace
  • Charms for bracelets, necklace and ankle chain
  • Bracelet, necklace and ankle chain with stone all the way around
  • Repair of most broken silver chains



    Limited only by imagination

    Once you get the technique under the skin and it no longer feels awkward to work with the pliers, you can start making jewelry where you build with the small joints you can make from stones and pearls with a small eight -end. Put them together with small open boxes in the same material as the wire you use. This way you can make wider jewelry, triangular shapes and star forms. 

    We hope that you will have fun teaching this good, all-round technique and that you get a lot of great jewelry made!


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