How to weave with pearls?

Have you wanted to weave with small glass beads? Here you get a detailed review of how to start a job on a pearl tissue, how to weave and how to finish your pearl work.

You can make the finest jewelry on a pearl tissue. You can make bracelets, necklaces, finger rings, pendants and key cords. Limited only by imagination!



Plan your woven jewelry design

It's not that hard to weave with pearls, but there are a few things you need to think about before you start. To achieve the best possible result, plan your jewelry. How should the jewelry be closed or how should it hang? How wide should it be in relation to the loose parts you have or can buy. Make you a little thought about this, to get your design control before you start weaving.

If you lack loose parts, also called Findings, we have a wide selection here.


Make a knot closure on your woven jewelry

If you need to weave a bracelet or choker, try putting a clench on each side of your work, along with the outermost strands on the loom and sewing it in so that it lies on each side of the beads. Start and finish your work with a triangle of woven pearls. Once you have the woven done, you can use the two cords that are on the sides of your pearl work to do a knot closure around and vupti, then you also have closure on your piece of jewelry. If you need a clench you can find our delicious Ecocord made of plastic bottles straight here.


Ready to start up

We recommend Miyuki pearl thread and needle sets. The thread is soft and thin as sewing thread but is of 100 % nylon, making it stronger than regular sewing thread. The needles are very thin and made to get through the very small beads. Find thread and needles here. In the video, Fireline is used for the loom. It is also a really good and super strong thread, but so far we only sell it in our physical store in Vendersgade 9, 1363 Kbh. K.

Once you have set up your tissue so it is ready to start weaving, you need to control the beads you need for the pattern you have chosen. The best gems to weave with are preciosa rocailles and Miyuki Delica And rocailles as they are calibrated, ie uniform in the mold. Miyuki Delica are tubular and lays very close when weaving with them. If you buy too cheap beads to weave with, it will not be neat as they are usually uneven in size and shape.


Make your own pattern

When weaving with pearls, the beads lie in completely straight rows, both one and the other way. Therefore, you can easily make your own patterns on plain checkered paper. It is a good idea to be able to play a little with colors and patterns on a piece of paper before you start if you do not use a finished pattern.

If you are missing glass beads to weave with we have a huge selection you and your imagination can romp in. Find them here.




Starting to weave

Once you have designed in place and have purchased the necessary to make the desired jewelry is the most complicated over. Now you just have to weave out there! It's easy to weave, but requires some time and patience. On the other hand, the result is amazingly nice and delicious to the touch and carry like jewelry.


Finish your woven pearl work

Be very careful when you finish your woven pearl work. Make sure all ends are well sewn into your work so it can be used.

Mount your loose parts on the jewelry and it's ready to use!



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