What size bracelet should I use?

It is important that your jewelry fits in size. Get help here find out what size bracelet you need. You can also find other blogs here on how to measure your ring size and how to find out what length of necklace is the right one.




General tips

Of course, for a bracelet sitting well and being comfortable to wear, it should not be tight. It should be able to turn around the wrist so that it does not stop the blood supply.
On the other hand, it must not be too loose. If the bracelet is too loose, you risk losing it and must constantly have it in consciousness. Then it becomes too difficult to use the jewelry and it may end up being in the back of the drawer and never being used.


More kinds of bracelets

Bracelets are not just bracelets. There are chain bracelets, also called armbands, which are bangles, which is a solid closed ring and then there are open bangles which is a solid ring that is pierced in a few centimeters so you can wrist your wrist into it.



Image 1 and 2: Chain Bracelet, Image 2: Open Bangle


How far should the bracelet be?

How far your bracelet should be depends on several things. First of all, you need to decide whether you like tight or loose bracelets. Do you like that the bracelet slides a little down on your hand or would you rather have it sitting on the arm itself? 

A bracelet may well be resolved, but be aware that it is not too loose. If it is too loose you can lose it but it can also make you easily stick to everything. Last but not least, a very loose bracelet is annoying when sitting at a computer and in other work situations.

Of course, the shape of the bracelet also determines the size. A bangle, ie a rigid bracelet must have a size that can go over your knuckles. If you have to buy a closed bangle, you also have to think about whether it is wide or narrow. The wider the bracelet is the more you have to put a few millimeters or three to the diameter, as it is a longer piece you need to push your hand through at a wide bangle. An open bangle must sit a little close to the arm and therefore does not have to be so large in size. Most of the Metal Bangles can also be adjusted a little. A chain bracelet is often a little looser than the aforementioned, but everyone has their preferences in relation to how their chain bracelet should sit.

Last but not least, consider the thickness of the bracelet when it comes to chain bracelets. The very thick and chunky bracelets are shorter to put it around the arm, so calculate ½-1 cm extra at the very thick chain bracelets.


How to measure how far your bracelet should be 

As described above, there is a difference between Bangles, open Bangles and chain bracelets when you need to find out what size bracelet is right for you.


Since Bangles is a closed ring that you need to push your hand through, you need to know the target in the widest place at the knots as you press your hand together to a tip. Use a slider or a transparent ruler to make it easy. You can also use all other kinds of rulers, thumb and tape measure, but you have to expect the result to be most accurate with a slider or a transparent ruler.

Think that a bangle must not be too big, then you lose it, so it must be just right; You should only be able to get it on.

Open Bangles:

Open bangles are often oval in the mold and are pierced on one side so you can twist your arm through the opening. When buying Open Bangles you need to know the width and height of your arm. The width should be used to understand if you can fit the shape of the bracelet, whether it sits well on your arm once you get it on. The height of your arm you need to understand if you will be able to get your arm through the opening of the bangle. Use a slider or a transparent ruler to measure your arm with it becomes more accurate. If you just want a circa goal you can use any tape, ruler or thumb.

Be aware that bangles of sterling silver and gold are more flexible. Therefore, bangles in these metals can withstand a little more than the nobler metals and you can therefore open them a little more.

Chain bracelet:

As described above, make a few considerations in relation to how your chain bracelet should sit. Once you have found out you are ready to stand in front of the mirror, preferably with an open necklace of metal and otherwise a string.

Put the chain/cord around your wrist. Now it is important that you take your arm with the bracelet test down the side while holding the chain/leash with the other hand. This position shows you how your bracelet will sit most of the time, namely when you stand and go. If you use a leash it may be that you have to help it a little on the way. Leash is light and falls very different from chain. Also, grab your arm a little and see what you think.

Most women use chain bracelets in 16-18 cm. Most men use bracelets in 19-21 cm. There will be many of you who fall outside the norm, because fortunately we are all different. Therefore, it is best to assume some goals, just like when buying clothes. 

Some would think that you can just measure your wrist and add a little. You can too, but it won't be as accurate.


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